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A glimpse into SDT fundraising at Post

By Lila Nolan, Staff Writer

It’s fall 2022 on the Post campus, and the social calendar is back in full swing. Oftentimes during common hours in Hillwood Commons, campus life is electrified across many different extracurriculars as student organizations have sign-ups, activities, and lots of fundraising tables. Greek life, a major part of the LIU student community, is a large part of that fundraising. 

“In the grand scheme of things, being part of a sorority revolves around sisterhood, of course, but also within cultivating this said sisterhood through philanthropy and giving back to those who need it,” senior broadcasting major and acting Vice President of Sigma Delta Tau, Kerry Cullen, said. 

Alongside the passion for helping others, Cullen disclosed some more details behind Greek life organizations and their constant active fundraising on campus.

“Organizations are responsible for generating the funds for their chapter. Fundraising for the chapter is a great way of generating these funds that don’t come directly from our own bank account and allow us more flexible spending,” she said. “And finally, in order to remain an organization and to be permitted to remain on campus, each Greek organization must also meet a set of University standards called Pillars of Excellence- which often revolves around fundraising.”

Throughout the semester, the sister of Sigma Delta Tau have had busy social calendars in part to their many fundraising efforts on and off the Post campus. In light of these efforts, many of the campus communities have been active benefactors within the success rates that are credited to some of the sisters favorite events. 

“All semester long, we [SDT] host fun and interactive events for the Post community.” senior criminal justice major and SDT Vice President of financing, Jillian Hugh, said. “One of my personal favorites and probably our biggest has to be the annual Fall Fest event that’s held every October which specifically raises money towards one of our philanthropies, Jewish Women International (JWI).”

Hugh went on to describe SDT’s Fall Fest. 

“This year, we generated nearly $900 to donate within the [Fall Fest] activities we hosted which included carnival-style games, inflatable obstacle courses, and so many other fun activities like ring tosses, paint a pumpkin and more. Within the event, you can also see many other organizations attending in efforts to show support and Greek unity on campus.” 

Greek organizations have many responsibilities and engagements they must participate in while being active members. Just as any other team or club on campus must, fundraising allows Greek organizations the access and ability to ways that they can spread their overall messages of support and charity. 

“During my time in Sigma Delta Tau, we’ve had several successful fundraisers that we all look forward to planning and participating in year to year. It’s part of the reason why we fundraise so often and plan these every year– because we want to constantly support our philanthropies throughout the semester,” Hugh said. 

As proactive pillars of charity at Post, the sisters of SDT often table in Hillwood Commons to raise money for their philanthropies. The organization typically sells baked goods, holds raffles and promotes their upcoming events at their tables. 

“We [SDT] work directly with the Promise office to organize these fundraisers to get approval and assistance because every organization has an extensive portfolio of philanthropies and general goals within their semesterly calendar,” Cullen said.

Overall, SDT enjoys fundraising for charities and many sisters consider it one of the best aspects of their organization. 

 “We love coming together towards a greater cause; in efforts to spread love, support, and to try and make the community a better place,” Hugh concluded. 

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