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Advice: Balancing Social Life and School

By Talia Charlton
Staff Writer Skjermbilde 2014-03-04 kl. 23.10.40

It’s a Friday night and you’re drowning in tremendous amounts of homework. Although you’d like to start all the work sitting on your desk, you’ve also been presented with a pretty great offer to spend a night on the town with friends; so, what exactly do you do? As college students, we are given the inescapable power to choose what is best for ourselves because mom and dad are not around to tell us what not to do. Our options are to stay at home and be the studious adult we know we could be, or ditch the homework for a few nights of fun, because it’ll always be there on Sunday morning, right?

It seems as though some of us can never get it right, and balancing an active social life with schoolwork is an act that only a magician can pull off. We spend our time sulking under mountains of homework the night before it’s due, trying to get it right, while admiring those who seem to have their lives well-put together. Quite honestly, we need their tips, or maybe need to spend a day living their lives, if possible. Although the latter is not possible, some students at LIU Post, who know just how to manage their school work and social lives effectively, have shared their tips for those of us, who may be less fortunate in their attempts to balance everything evenly.

“I have a lot of spare time in my school schedule, so I try to do as much as I can,” said Lu Liu, a junior Broadcasting major. “I go to the gym with friends during the weekdays, complete my homework on the weekends, and if I have enough time afterwards, I like to go out and take photos or videos of anything.”

For some students, it is easier to get work done on the weekends. The weekends provide students with plenty of down time and there is no feeling of urgency when getting work completed. Simply taking a break from homework to go to the gym, grab a bite to eat, or maybe some coffee, are just some of the simple ways in which students can slip in some social time with friends before getting back to work.

“I have classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, and work most nights at Rite-aid,” said Eric Eck, a senior Broadcasting major. “I use the late nights when I get home from work to do my homework. No work gets done on Saturdays; that is the time I strictly use to hang out with my girlfriend.”

Students who have jobs seem to have it twice as hard, as they have to also manage to make a schedule around their work hours. Sometimes working and going to school may complicate your weekday schedule, but restricting your weekends to friends, family, or a significant other, is the best way to have a fluid social life without worrying if it will get in the way of your schooling or work.

Whether you are doing all your homework before the weekend, doing homework on your days off from class, or hanging with friends in between schoolwork and a full or part time job, there is no specific way to balance social life and the duties of schoolwork. It is important to find what works best throughout the weekdays and weekends, and stick to the consistent rhythm. There is no perfect way to balance these two things in life, just find what works best for you.

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