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Alecia Sexton

By Alexander Espinosa

Alecia Sexton, a senior health and physical education major, has been on campus for two years. She transferred after her sophomore year from Westchester University, where she majored in nutrition. She changed her major at Post because she “realized how much I liked the teaching aspect of health, rather than fixing problems that have already arisen, and I really love kids,” she said.

(Alexander Espinosa)

She has been busy during her two years on campus. “I have taken a lot of method courses, so we go out to schools all over the Island, high, middle and elementary, and we teach health classes and physical education classes, and that’s been really helpful in getting my foot in the door and helping get me used to the school environment,” Sexton said.

Sexton also filled her days with work as the Layout Editor and weekly health columnist for the Pioneer. “I love writing. I always loved writing, I almost majored in journalism from out of high school because really I like informative writing, to educate people and helping,” she said. She blended her loves for health, being active and writing in her column.

Sexton plans to look for a job in the health or physical education field after graduation. “I am planning on student teaching, doing anything I can to get into school districts all over the Island and just get my name out there,” she said.

She hopes to inspire another health columnist to take up her work. “It’s very valuable for students to have some kind of source for healthy reading, for healthy living. . . because of so many political things out there and all this other information being thrown at them, and they tend to neglect their health,” she said.

Sexton leaves this advice for juniors about to enter their final year: “Senior year is tough, you get a lot of assignments and it feels longer then it is, but just keep your eye on that goal of the diploma in hand and the stable job, and you can do it.”

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