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Alumni comes to start new era of WCWP

  By Donovan Gibbs, Staff Writer

WCWP radio station, home of 88.1 FM is under new leadership. Post alumni and former WCWP member, Peter Bellotti, is now the new director of the station. Bellotti has many experiences to bring to the station this year.

After graduating from Post, Belloti built connections with CBS Sports radio,WFAN, Westwood One and was a producer for pre/post game shows for the New York Giants. He is bringing  in almost 15 years worth of radio experience to the station. 

“I come into this with a lot of experience and I want to take that experience and help our students,” he said. “And help our students succeed in this rebirthing industry.”

Belloti sees the station moving in a positive direction with goals centered around student involvement and multimedia outlets.

“ I see it going in a direction we pushed for, as a lot more student involvement in terms of our Wave and Fm programming,” Belloti said. “The ultimate goal is to get students on the FM side and continue them on The Wave. I also look for new platforms for students to excel in. There’s several avenues I want to go in and expand our Fm schedule.”

Podcasting is one new thing Belloti wants to implement into the station. 

“That’s where the future of our business is going. For where we are, I see us on a talk-type level. I think interesting documentaries or interesting discussions with prominent people,” he said. “If we have podcasts geared around interviews and conversations on certain topics is what I’m looking forward to adding to our lineup, and other ideas that the students and I come up with collaboratively.”

Creating podcasts is a new idea that Belloti has that may benefit the radio station due to a lot of markets looking into the podcast business. Being able to work at your alma mater is a blessing to many college alumni. Having the ability to be the director of  the WCWP station meant alot to Bellotti.

“I’ve always dreamt about this opportunity. Didn’t expect it to come this soon but I’ve always dreamt about coming back to the station and being in a role like this,” he said. “It’s basically a dream come true to be back. And I’m ready to go with new ideas and content.”

Belloti sees a ton of potential for the future of the station.

“I think we are at an interesting time. I think in 3 or 4 years we could have a lot more student involvement on FM programming and a lot more podcasts. I see the station building on the foundation we have now.”

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