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Alumni Publishes Book Based on Missionary Work

By Hailey Duchnowski, Staff Writer

Michaela Fox (‘20) has published a book based on her missionary work experience. Entitled “Denim Apron,” the book is a fictional story based on true events that Fox experienced while working at the Sanctuary in Lourdes, France.

As president of the Newman Club, Fox had the opportunity to travel with the campus minister to serve with the North American Volunteers, a Catholic organization who help take care of the seriously ill and disabled.

“The title, ‘Denim Apron,’ is meant to be a sort of double entendre, I suppose you could say,” Fox said. “Denim is an iconic, American staple in fashion, and aprons are very feminine. Denim Apron is, in this way, a unique way of saying “American woman.” It is also the affectionate nickname given to the main character, Arden, by other nurses and volunteers from within the piscine (baths), as she wears the only denim apron of all the other volunteers, who each simply wear a blue, cotton apron. This is an element of the story that was based on real events, as I wore the only denim apron available when working in the baths, and one day, a piscine matron actually called me “Denim Apron.”” 

When talking about the book and the story line behind it Fox describes it as “three love stories in one, which is purposefully reflective of the Holy Trinity from Roman Catholic Dogma. The book details the journey of Arden Bradley as she falls in love with herself, another man and ultimately, her God.” 

What really helped Fox accomplish completing this book was “the feeling, deep within my chest, that I was meant to write it. I felt called to it. I could never shake the feeling that part of the reason I was there that summer was to be inspired to write this book.” Fox’s advice to new writers would be “to not give up. Keep going, and keep on writing. Take your necessary space to breathe and find silence and never rush your process, but don’t quit. Especially because it is your story, and you have every right to unashamedly tell it. Be honest, be true, be imaginative.” 

“Denim Apron” is available now on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and available as a paperback on Amazon.

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