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Anand Venigalla

By Jacqueline Escobar

Although Anand Venigalla is in his third year at Post, he will graduate this May because he has earned college credits in high school. Venigalla is majoring in English literature with a minor in philosophy.

(Ida Ynner Lagerqvist)

One of his best memories at Post was meeting a girl in his class who was working for the campus magazine, the Bottom Line. This inspired him to join and contribute to the Pioneer.

“I decided to go to the meeting when this was available during my freshman year and I wanted to find a way to make myself feel more at home with this University. I went to it and decided to write for this magazine. The first thing I wrote as I remembered was a set of confessions on what students thought about the 2016 elections,” Venigalla said.

Venigalla said this is how he discovered the Pioneer newspaper, which was the parent of the Bottom Line then, and how he came to contribute to it and work as the Features Editor this year.

Another positive memory Venigalla has from his years at Post was his first meeting at WCWP campus radio station. “I went there and from there on I got familiar with the studio and became a staff member and started producing a podcast called ‘Letter of Liberty,’” he said.

Although he does not produce his podcast currently due to lack of time, he produced a fair number of episodes in which he inter-viewed professors outside of the country and other guests who he was fond of.

There are some things Venigalla wished he had done while at Post. “I would’ve liked to get more involved on campus and would’ve liked to have gotten experience in dating while in college, so I felt like that was lacking. I also wish I could’ve socialized more in ways that helped me interact more casually,” he said.

In terms of academics, Venigalla wishes he could have explored history and political science more. “I am satisfied with the courses I’ve been taking in English and philosophy, but I wish I could’ve broadened my horizons in some ways,” he said.

Venigalla shared the lessons he has learned as a student attending Post. “Take every opportunity you find and whatever your heart is driven to, whatever your academic and intellectual interests are, go into those fields and get to know your faculty very well and get to know the sets of people you are working with,” Venigalla said. “And always be willing to make new friends and always get to know others.”

Venigalla plans to go into law school and become a lawyer or a journalist. He will be taking a year off before graduate school.

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