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Around the World in 90 Days!

By Michelle Morey
Staff writer

I have always dreamed of traveling and seeing all the different wonders of the world. I already started my journey by studying in Australia for three months during the Spring 2013 semester, but I want to see more. I got a little taste of backpacking life and I loved it.

My next journey is Europe; I hope to start traveling right after graduation. I want to become fluent in Spanish. What better way than to visit Spain? I would also like to learn a little bit of French, and to hopefully be fluent in that language one day as well. There are many places to see in Europe and I hope to see them all. Three months sounds like a long time, but when you are traveling and having amazing experiences, time just flies.

Friends have described the amazing food that they tasted while backpacking through Turkey and India, and it made my mouth water. The way they described the richness of the culture in these countries made me want to go even more.

I have friends in Germany and England, so those two countries are on the top of my list alongside Spain, France, India, and Turkey. If there is time after seeing all of these beautiful places, I would also like to see Italy and then end my trip with visiting Greece.

I don’t plan on purchasing all of my plane tickets or booking all of my hostels; I would like to just book it as I go. Sometimes a tight schedule can ruin the purpose of traveling.

Once I return to the United States, I hope to start saving up for adventures through Asia and back down to Australia, and hopefully I will get to see New Zealand, as well. And for a more enriching trip, I would really like to spend a few summers doing Habitat for Humanity. I’ve looked at a few different opportunities in Nepal, South Africa, and also South America.

“If I had three months to travel anywhere around the world, I’d probably choose either Mexico or Guatemala,” said Carl Martinez, junior Social Work major. As a Social Work student, Martinez wants to work on social reconstruction and mentioned that he would like to spend his time building houses and doing as much community service as he can.

“I hopefully want to travel across Europe. I’d also like to study abroad and work at a hospital in Brazil,” said Jacqueline Marino, a junior in the Medical Imaging Program.

“I honestly really want to see Italy, Hawaii, Bora Bora, France, Japan, and Australia,” said Alex Ochoa, a junior Accounting major.

I see traveling as a great way to learn and to grow as a person. When you are thrown into a situation, or you have a problem and you are in a different country with different surroundings, you have no other option than to grow up and deal with it like an adult. While I was in Australia, I had a concussion and I had to go back and forth to the hospital and see different doctors without my parents there to help me. It definitely helps you mature and understand the different cultures around the world. It is one of my goals to make traveling a part of my career and I will do anything to make that happen. My best advice is to travel to as many different places as you can.

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