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Band Review: A Rocket to the Moon

Georgia Panagi
Staff Writer

Photo by Fueled By Ramen
Photo by Fueled By Ramen

In 2006, A Rocket to the Moon was formed by Nick Santino, lead vocalist and guitarist, in Braintree, Massachusetts. Justin Richards, guitarist and backup vocalist, Eric Halvorsen, bassist and backup vocalist, and Andrew Cook, drummer eventually joined to complete A Rocket to the Moon. The band is currently signed to the label Fueled By Ramen, which has produced music for Paramore, Gym Class Heroes, Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco.

A Rocket to the Moon’s first album, “Your Best Idea,” was independently produced in 2006. The band’s debut album produced by FBR, “On Your Side,” was released on October 13, 2009, and the newest album, “Wild and Free,” was released this past Tuesday. As a mullet and pop culture-loving gal, I try to experience different kinds of genres and generations of music. I gladly reviewed “Wild and Free” because I have actually seen the band in concert, when they opened for Boys Like Girls. A Rocket to the Moon had an alternative rock/pop sound, which was similar to Boys Like Girls. The band members were fun and they had the audience going. I was a very impressed teen.

After listening to “Wild and Free” three times, I found that the band’s sound has completely changed from alternative rock to country. As a fan, I was not expecting a completely new sound but then I realized that A Rocket to the Moon has made a dramatic change in their sound before. “Your Best Idea” also had a very different sound than “On Your Side.” “Your Best Idea” had a very purposely auto tuned sound overall. It was not a great sound to me. Some other fans may have liked it, but there might have been a reason why the band changed to alternative when it signed with FBR.

A Rocket to the Moon had a great thing going on with the last album and its alternative rock/pop theme. The songs where catchy and cute and I enjoyed listening to them. The majority of the songs were very memorable as well. However, this new album was not fun. It sounded similar to an old Train album but less upbeat. There is a dramatic difference between this album and the band’s previous ones but some bands must changes and mature their sound. I give the band kudos for being brave enough to take such a risk. Obviously, A Rocket to the Moon did not have the sound it wanted but perhaps the third time is the charm.

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