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Being single this Valentine’s Day

By Gabriella Cavaleri Staff writer

Artwork by Gabriella Cavaleri

Store shelves are filled with hearts of chocolate and Instagram pages are filled with happy couples. It’s once again Valentine’s Day, a bitter day of loneliness for many who find themselves without a partner. 

Junior music education major Brett Herman never had strong feelings about Valentine’s Day, but he valued having an excuse to see his girlfriend. Now that they’re broken up there doesn’t seem to be much of a reason to celebrate. He will be spending this Valentine’s Day alone.

Valentine’s Day is a true celebration of love for some, but without a special someone it’s easy to feel alone this holiday. However, love exists in more ways than one, and many students are using this “Hallmark holiday” as a chance to appreciate those around them. 

Sophomore business major Lauren Ritirato would ideally spend Valentine’s day with the person she loves. Staying in, baking or watching a cheesy romcom. However Ritirato is one of the many students across campus who’s single this Valentine’s Day. 

“Although it is nice to have a specific person to celebrate with, at the end of the day I think Valentine’s Day is what we make of it, single or not,” Ritirato said. 

Although Ritirato doesn’t have any plans for Valentine’s Day, she wants to take the opportunity to remind her close friends and family how much she loves them.

“I think Valentine’s Day is a nice day to celebrate love, platonically and romantically. Even though we tell the people close to us that we love them throughout the year, Valentine’s Day is a nice reminder of how loved we are and the potential we have to love others,” Ritirato said.

Senior fine arts major Sara Halverson doesn’t need a partner in order to enjoy herself.  Despite her relationship status, she still intends to wear a cute outfit and have a fun day. 

“My last two Valentine’s Days were boring. I’m kind of glad to not spend it with a man this year,” Halverson said.

  Halvorsen will be spending Valentine’s Day with her best friends. She plans to go to the Roosevelt Field mall and make a stuffed animal at Build-a-Bear Workshop. Then, she’ll finish off the night off with a movie.

Halverson values the love she receives from those around her and she doesn’t believe that the love someone gives or receives should be dictated by the time of the year.

“The ideal way to spend the holiday is to just do something special. It shouldn’t be an excuse to be nice. You should be doing nice things throughout the year,” Halverson said. 

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