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Black Panther Sequel “Wakanda Forever” released

By Tatsuya Uemoto, Staff Writer

Black Panther “Wakanda Forever” was released on Nov. 11. This film is in the sequel to   the first Black Panther film released in 2018. It has been very popular since its release and is currently showing as a blockbuster hit.

The first Black Panther movie was tremendously popular and set all kinds of records. The film received a lot of attention, including several awards at the Academy Awards. The film’s social themes and unique setting have made it popular with people of all generations. For example, the film has some links to real social themes, such as discrimination and a villain whose background is poverty. Further, Chadwick Boseman, who played the main character Black Panther in the film, was very popular and had a great impact on the world.

However, in 2020, Chadwick Boseman died of colon cancer. With the actor who played the main character gone, there were all kinds of concerns, including whether the second film of this franchise would ever be released, but now Wakanda Forever is here.

Junior Communications major at Gardner-Webb University Kazuya Kojima elaborated on the importance of Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and the role Boseman’s death plays in that.

“Every single Marvel film is very important. So, this Black Panther is also an important film that will lead to future Avengers films, so I don’t want to miss it. Also, this film is linked to the death of actor Chadwick and the death of the king in the film,” Kojima said.

In “Wakanda Forever,” the role of Shuri, the younger sister, is the main character in the film to carry on the legacy of Boseman. In this film, the story takes place after the death of Black Panther. The story is about the Kingdom of Wakanda confronting its enemies in the absence of its king. The trailer for the film included some very exciting action scenes, including a battle at sea.

Junior business management major Cal state university San Bernardino Takuto Kataoka made this comment amidst all the expectations for the film.

“There were concerns about this film, such as whether it would be released to the public after the death of Chadwick, who played the main character in the film. However, we are very much looking forward to seeing how the story will progress now that it will be released to the public,” Kataoka said.

Senior Communication major at Western Oregon University Hibiki Ouchi also shared excitement surrounding the film’s release. 

“This is the second Black Panther movie. The first one was so much fun that my expectations for the second one are inevitably high. I am looking forward to seeing if it will exceed those expectations,” Ouchi said.

Many people have been anticipating a second Black Panther film. The film made $180 Million at the box office in its first month. . It could become  one of the most important Marvel films in the future. Therefore, many people do not want to miss this film. In addition, some people are sure to see this production in memory of Boseman

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