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Black Student Unions Hosts Black Business Development Week

By Dylan Valic, Editor-In-Chief

The Black Student Union (BSU) and Promise hosted a series of panels to discuss Black business from Monday, Feb. 15 to Friday, Feb. 19.

Each day of the week highlighted a different business owner who spoke about their business and their particular field of expertise. Speakers featured ranged from owners of clothing and cosmetic companies, such as PrettyEyez Cosmetics LLC, to entrepreneur’s. 

“We used our resources and connections to reach out to the different companies,” a representative from the BSU said. “We explained what we wanted to accomplish and worked out availability for each day of the week.”

On Wednesday, Feb. 17, DeAndre Smith, a former Post student, spoke about his clothing brand X Nihilo. The brand, pronounced “Ex Nihilio” means “out of nothing” in Latin. 

Smith spoke about the process behind starting his own brand, and his motivations. He said that he is “not in it for the money” and that he only designs clothes that he would personally wear. 

The event was part of a series of ongoing events hosted by BSU and Promise to celebrate Black History Month.

“We feel as though the Black Business Development Week was successful,” a representative from BSU said. “We definitely would like to do this event again next year and have more businesses on the panel.”

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