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Board of Trustees Elects New Chairman

By Carlo Valladares
Staff Writer Skjermbilde 2014-02-25 kl. 22.42.18

Eric Krasnoff was elected the new chairman of LIU’s Board of Trustees, the governing body that is responsible for upholding the educational mission and fiscal policies of the university, on Jan. 28. Krasnoff, a retired chairman, president, and CEO of Pall Corporation, is excited about LIU’s future. “I think Long Island University has a great tradition and has a great future,” he said.

About his new position, Krasnoff said, “The chairman is responsible for setting the agenda and making sure all of it is complying with all the laws. I want to make sure that any significant issues are looked at.” The Board of Trustees is composed of up to 45 elected trustees, each of whom brings their own unique set of skills to the university.

Krasnoff was born in 1952, grew up in Glen Cove on Long Island, and currently resides in Oyster Bay Cove. “I have always lived on the North Shore; I have an understanding of LIU Post and what it means to the community,” he said.

Krasnoff graduated from Columbia University in 1974
with a degree in Anthropology. After taking a year off, he joined
Pall Corporation, a Long Island-based global supplier of filtration, separations, and purification products. He served in several Pall management positions, including group vice president and executive vice president, before being elected president and chief operating officer

in 1993. Krasnoff was also the director of the company, and chairman of the Board from 1994 until his retirement from the company in March 2011.

Krasnoff is aware of the Board of Trustees’ significant role at LIU — he has been on the Board since 1992. “The Board of Trustees is for LIU overall and overlooks all campuses. We are the final governing body that approves budget and policy,” he said.

“The most important thing the Board really does is what we did last year, and that was hire the new president of the university,” said Krasnoff.

“I know I speak for the entire LIU community when I say we are honored and grateful to have Eric as our new chair. The Krasnoff family has been an integral part of the university’s leadership for more than 30 years, and his depth of understanding is invaluable. I personally look forward to working with Eric as we foster a world-class educational experience for our students,” said Kimberly R. Cline, LIU president.

Krasnoff replaces Edward Travaglianti, who served as a chair of the Board of Trustees from April 2005 to Jan. 2014. Travaglianti praised his successor. “Eric is a tireless champion for LIU, and it has been both a privilege and a pleasure to work with him for more than two decades,” he said. “I have every confidence that he and President Cline will lead the university to even greater levels of excellence.”

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