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Brooklyn Nets Competing for Their First NBA Championship

By Derrick Edafe, Staff Writer

The Brooklyn Nets currently sit with a record of 43-21. They are on a roll with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant taking the lead with an injured James Harden. Alongside some new additions, such as Blake Griffin, they have the potential to win the Eastern Conference. 

With superstar Kevin Durant fresh off an injury, it’s like he never left. He’s currently averaging 27 points per game(PPG) on 54% shooting while adding six rebounds a game and five assists.  

His partner in crime, Kyrie Irving, has also been solid, averaging 26.9ppg,  five rebounds and over six assists. Kyrie gets criticized for the personal time he takes off or the load managing on the court, but it doesn’t seem to affect his play or the Nets organization. With just two of their superstars, the Nets are causing problems for the NBA. With Harden returning rested and the playoffs coming soon, it would not be a bad idea to choose The Nets as a favorite.

The Nets are an all-around team with their mid-season acquisitions, but they’ve yet to have everyone on the court simultaneously with Durant’s injuries, Kyrie’s personal time and Harden’s current injury. Chemistry would be the only concern about this Nets team.

Freshman Nets fan Ayinde Johnson believes if any team in the Eastern Conference has a chance at stopping Brooklyn, it would be the Philadelphia 76ers.

“Philly most likely, they match up the best with them defensively and size, but that doesn’t mean they’ll stop the Nets. Kevin Durant is just a scoring machine,” he said. “He could score with defenders in his face with ease and with so many other playmakers to help. It comes down to whatever is better, the Nets offense or the 76ers defense.” 

With dynasty potential, the Nets are looking strong now and for years to come. This big three in Harden, Durant, and Kyrie are like no other New York has. While they continue to battle night in and night out with only a few games left, the Nets should be closing in on their playoff spot and the chance to fight for the NBA Championship.

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