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Campus Highlights Women Writers

By Caleb Palmer, Staff Writer

The Writing Center, Humanities NY, the Black Student Union and the Bottom Line magazine will host “Womxn are Lit” a read-in event to celebrate Women’s History Month on Thursday, March 25 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Zoom.

Any femme-identifying students are welcome to join and celebrate the writings and achievements of either writers who are or writings that revolve around women.

Mary Pigliacelli, director of the writing center on campus, first organized the event four years ago to celebrate prominent writers who are women and highlight any up and coming writers on campus. 

Every year, Pigliacelli collaborates with the Black Student Union to help achieve a space that amplifies the voices of authors that are women. Alongside Pigliacelli, Amanda McCollum of the Black Student Union helped create a space where people can celebrate their favorite women authors. 

Students come to share their own writing by their favorite authors who are women, or writings about women in their lives. While the first few iterations of the events were in-person, due to campus social distancing policies, Pigliacelli is looking forward to coming together on Zoom for this year’s event. When people attend the event, Pigliacelli says that she wants everyone to “feel the joy of each other and leave feeling good.” Pigliacelli also highlights the more intimate nature of the event due to it only being exclusive to students and faculty. By doing this, she says that we as a campus can “fully experience and celebrate the joys of writing.” 

McCollum says that this annual event is an opportunity to “uplift the voices of women authors and share writings between women.” 

Events like this, according to McCollum, can “uplift the voices of female writers on campus so that they have a chance to share their work.”

Students who are interested in attending the event can email for more information. Students can also follow the writing center on Instagram @postwc.

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