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Posts published in “News”

Where Have All the Movies Gone?

“We have a movie theater?” This was the common response when students where asked if they noticed the movies shown in Hillwood were disappearing. The answer is yes; Hillwood Commons does have a Cinema where movies are shown. Some movies that are shown have not yet been released on DVD. The Association for Campus Programming (ACP) sponsors these movies.

Radio Station Lingers Under Construction

Since this past summer, WCWP, the C.W. Post campus radio station, has been under serious construction. The station was in need of an overhaul and the building is finally getting a facelift.  New carpeting, new ceilings and new paint have been installed.  However, the renovations have taken longer than expected. Workers are currently welding together the new heating system, which has left the station without hot water or heat. In addition, WCWP is still awaiting the resources to buy new equipment for the studios.