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Column: Welcome to the Library

By Alexander Espinosa

Staff Writer

The B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library is an integral part of campus, with various resources to help students and faculty in every program. The library can also be called the campus’s best kept secret, especially for first and second year students, who are often unaware of the resources the library has to offer.

Manju Prasad-Rao, a librarian who works in the education department, gave an overview of the library services. “We primarily service the school of education and the library upstairs, which trains students to be librarians [or] to become teachers,”she said.

(Jane Montalto)

Students looking for resources to aid in their classes can find them in several formats. The library offers study prints, kits, games, digital collections, interactive ebooks and technology workshops, according to Manju. If a student can’t find a specific material in the library’s collections, the librarians can request the material from another library through an inter-library loan program. Librarians also assist with presentations and video streaming services as well. “Because we are a media center that [responsibility] fell on us,” Manju explained.

Within the library are sections for professional studies, like when student teachers need help to plan a lesson, and a circulation section that changes about every month. Sue Ketcham, another librarian, explained how the circulation section works. “These books are always getting traded for new books. This section is usually for specialty material,” she said.

For example, during Hispanic Heritage Month the materials in that section are in honor of the theme. “I have pulled fairy tales from different areas, so we have Spanish, Mayan, Caribbean, Mexican, and Central American, and the other side is more informational,” Ketcham said, explaining the layout.

The circulation sections cater to students by having all related materials in one spot. The featured section can also give students a chance to read and learn about something new

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