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Community Column: Diversity at Post

Meghan Glynn

It’s here; it’s finally the end of the semester.  How exciting is that?  As this is the last edition of the Pioneer for the semester, I thought a nice way to wrap up my little community column would be to talk about just that: the community.

A few weeks ago I told you guys about the demographics of the Village of Brookville.  How much homes cost, how many rooms those houses have, and a little bit of information about the people living here.  But how does all of that measure up to C.W. Post? After all, we have a fairly diverse student body, so what is the comparison between the village and the campus that calls it home?

To start off, according to the 2010 census results, in Brookville, women make up 55.1% with 2,152 members of the population whereas men make up only 44.9% coming in at 1,754.  The statistics for Post’s campus follow along the same lines with females accounting for 66% of the population with males only representing 34%.

With a total enrollment of 8,361, Post’s population surpasses that of Brookville’s by 4,456 people (The VOB has a population of 3,905).  So compared to that number, how much more diverse is C.W. Post?  Let’s take a look.

According to, there are 4,400 white students who attend C.W. Post, making up just over half of the student population.  Compare that to the 3,269 white residents of the Village of Brookville, which accounts for almost 84% of their population.

There are 613 Black/African American students against the 314 people who live in town.

There are 479 Asian students here at Post, with only 238 in Brookville; and while 18

Native Americans attend classes here, there are none that call Brookville home.

These numbers could vary slightly however, as there are an estimated 2,000 students who chose not to claim a specific ethnicity.  Even still, I wonder how it is that in a community that lacks a real sense of diversity a campus can attract such a wide variety of students from all different walks of life.

Whatever the reason, I hope that our school continues to provide a place for such a variety of people to come together.  Good luck to all on your finals, and to those seniors who are graduating, congratulations! I’ll see you all next semester!

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