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Commuter Appreciation Week

By Ashley Ioveno
Staff Writer

The Commuter Student Association (CSA) held its first Commuter Appreciation Week, on Monday, March 24. The CSA is a club that helps commuters get involved and form lasting friendships at LIU Post. The club holds events on and off campus.

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The Commuter Student Association (CSA) commenced its first Commuter Appreciation Week, on March 24.

CSA decided to sponsor Commuter Appreciation Week because “it is important that commuters feel like a part of the LIU Post community, just as every student should feel,” said Rita Iosefson, CSA president and a senior Education major. “We want to make students aware that the commuter population is significant at our school, and we are hoping that Commuter Appreciation Week makes these students feel recognized,” she added.

There are about 4,000 undergraduate stu- dents at Post. More than 80 percent of these students are commuters, according to Student Life.

“Since the commuter student population is so prominent, it is important that they feel just as at home as the resident students do,” said Erik Arnesen, CSA Special Events co-chair and a junior Education major. “I often hear commuters saying that there is nothing for them to do around campus, so this week is made especially for them.”

The CSA is one of the five largest clubs on campus, having over 150 students on their mailing list and about 5o members that attend their weekly meetings.

The CSA along with advisor Jamie Dresher of Student Life Leadership and Development created a six-day schedule of events on and off campus for all students to participate in.

The week began with “Make Your Mark on Long Island,” an event that allowed students to mark the location of their hometown on a map of Long Island. The map was drawn on Hillwood’s Fishbowl windows. Over 100 students participated in the event, leaving the windows full of color and marked with over 20 towns.

The week of events continued with an American Automobiles Association (AAA) Driving Emergencies workshop at 12:45 in the Gold Coast Cinema. Students were informed on what to do incase of a vehicle emergency, and a representative from AAA spoke to about 15 students in attendance.

There was also a Carpooling Information Table set up during common hour and an Ice Cream Social event on Wednesday. Both events took place in the Hillwood Lobby.

The week came to an end with the “Commuter Hot Cocoa” event, which was held in the Hillwood Courtyard at 8:30 a.m. There was also a laser tag trip that attracted more than 15 students who got transporta- tion and two hours of laser tag for the price of $10. “All the students who attended had a great time, and we would love to include this event again next year,” said Nicole Cunningham, CSA’s Public Relations chair and a senior Education major.

There was also the weekly CSA Trivia with Twice as Nice at 8 p.m., on Friday in the End Zone, and afterward, Disney’s “Frozen” played in the Gold Coast Cinema. The 2013 film brought in big crowds, and students were offered free nachos, hot dogs, churros and French fries.

On the last day of Commuter Appreciation Week, CSA organized its eighth “Bowling for A Cause” event at Syosset Lanes with the Circle K club. The event was open to all students and their families, and more than 50 people attended. Students were able to enter to win raffles and other prizes. Each year, CSA donates the money raised at its bowling event to a new cause. This year, the proceeds were donated to the Elimi- nate Project, which is an organization run by Kiwanis International and UNICEF to reduce maternal and neonatal tetanus. When the night was over, CSA had raised $570.

“We are thrilled that so many students came out to our weekend events,” Iosefson said. “The turnout has been great. As an e-board, we have worked incredibly hard all semester to make this week great, and it all depended on the support we got from the campus community,” she added. CSA now plans to turn the Commuter Appreciation Week into a tradition.

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