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Commuter Column: Making Friends on the Road

By Travis Fortounas

Staff Writer

Hello fellow commuter students at LIU. With the fall semester in full swing, I am hopeful that everyone is on the right path to success, not only in school, but also on your literal path in life as well. This week, I wanted to give you tips on how to make friends and put less stress on your mileage.

One thing I knew I had to tackle as a transfer student in at new university was making friends and becoming sociable among my peers. I’ve come to realize that making friends as a resident student is easier than a commuter student. It all comes down to how much time is spent on campus. But, there is a solution.

Lauren Levine, a first year economics major and transfer student, is one such commuter, like me, who is still trying to find her place on campus. After speaking with Levine, she found a silver lining to simultaneously make friends and reduce the stress of commuting overall. “Reach out to friends and family, as well as your peers in the area,” Levine recommended. “Commuting is long and tiring but can be a more positive experience with a friendly face.”

Even though commuting can be seen as a major hassle, with just a few quick changes or additions, commuting can become easier and more enjoyable. The best way to find carpool buddies is to reach out to classmates in your first or last class of the day.

As the school year rolls by, take a second to think about the aspect of commuting and efficient ways to save time, money and stress. Talk to your classmates, professors and friends about different ways to commute. They just might have the answer you’re looking for.

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