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Disney’s “Frozen on Ice”

By Jill Borowski
Staff Writer

On Nov. 4 – 9, Nassau Coliseum featured Disney’s “Frozen on Ice,” an ice show inspired by the popular animated Disney film “Frozen” (2013). This Disney show has something for everyone, even college students.

The Disney movie features the strong bond between two sisters — Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. After Elsa’s secret is revealed and she runs away from the kingdom, Anna goes on a quest to find her. Along the way, she meets a handsome ice salesman named Kristoff, his reindeer, Sven, and a talking snowman named Olaf. On the quest, Anna attempts to save her sister from herself, since Elsa cannot control her powers.

The ice show followed the movie closely, with only a few things left out or altered. The show left out the fact that Anna and Elsa’s parents were killed in a storm while on naval journey across the sea. Also, the ice show did not include the scene in which their parents brought Anna and Elsa to a community of trolls to erase Anna’s memory of Elsa’s magic, and to teach Elsa how to control her powers. Unless you saw the movie, you would be unaware of the fact that a young Kristoff actually witnessed the royal family in the troll community.

The ice show did, however, have all of the necessary plot twists, along with costumes and props that closely resembled the movie, had it not been animated. Elsa had her signature snow gown and white hair, Anna had her princess gown, and Kristoff was dressed in warm winter clothing, as an ice businessman would be. The ice show even used a giant inflatable replica of the snow monster, more commonly known as Marshmallow, which Elsa creates to keep Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf away from her palace.

The set was incredible, as well; lighting played a major role in the show, which worked to highlight the characters’ skating routines. Snowflakes lit the entire area during the scenes, and the ice show made use of special effects and props. During multiple parts of the show, it “snows,” covering the stage with snowflakes. For the troll scene, moss covered balls were rolled around stage. The characters of Sven and Olaf were giant props themselves – Olaf was played by a man in a giant snowman costume, and Sven was played by two people in a reindeer suit.

Overall, it was an incredible show that I would definitely recommend seeing. The show will be performed at the Prudential Center in New Jersey on Nov. 19 through the 23. Tickets start at $38, and can be purchased at

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