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Game Review: DLC QUEST

By Freddie Schwartz
Staff Writer

DLC Quest is an indie side-scrolling/platformer game developed by Going Loud Stu­dios. It is a satire game based on DLC where you have to purchase DLC by collecting gold coins to do anything like have music and weapons.

Players follow a nameless hero whose girlfriend has been kidnapped by a nameless vil­lain. He then proceeds to rescue her. There is a DLC zombie pack and the description literally says, “This doesn’t really fit but our marketing department says every game needs zombies.” This is clearly spoofing on the out of place DLC zombie content that for some reason developers sell to make more money on their games. The game is full of humor and spoofs and I found myself laughing at some of the jokes.

However a BIG problem with the game is how unbeliev­able short it is: less than an hour! Now, don’t get me wrong it’s only $1 on X-Box live but how can a game be that short? Overall, while it is fun but because it is just a dollar, you don’t have the ability to replay the game unless they make some DLC.

It’s a hard sell but I give DLC Quest a good 7/10 because it’s an original idea and very creative. You can buy it on X-Box Live in the indie game section for 80 Microsoft points. A Steam (PC) version is coming soon.

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