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Fall Open House

By Yumi Hanamura
Staff Writer

Organizations at LIU Post set up their tables last weekend. By Tia-Mona Greene
Organizations at LIU Post set up their tables last weekend. By Tia-Mona Greene

On Saturday, Oct. 26, LIU Post held its annual Fall Open House. The event, which was canceled last year due to Hurricane Sandy, attracted over 600 prospective students.

“Open House is for prospective students including high school students and transfer students. They are coming for a visit and to interact with faculty, staff and students,” said Janell Rodgers, an Admissions officer.

“We want them to see and feel how great our students and faculty are, and hopefully have them want to become part of our Post family,” said Rodgers.

“I still remember the Open House I went to before entering this university. It was certainly worth it. I experienced how the classes went on an informative tour and it was a good taste of the school,” said Serena Oditt, a junior Marketing major.

There was a welcome presentation, a scholarship presentation and athletic information sessions. Prospective students and their families also attended a student ambassador panel discussion, the Honors Program & Merit Fellowship reception, and student service fair and campus tours.

“[The] open house was good because I [could] get some information about LIU Post,” said Nicholas Rinaldi, a prospective Music major. Rinaldi attended the open house with a friend.

“I took part in the campus tour; the campus was really nice. It’s not like the city,” said Anderson Rodriguez, a prospective Liberal Arts major. “[The] open house was helpful to [learn] that LIU Post offers great opportunities and programs,” Rodriguez added.

The open house offered not only academic information, but also information about student life through clubs and organizations. “The open house is good for prospective students to [learn] about LIU Post’s clubs,” said Jessica Wong, a sophomore Art Management major,

A lot of clubs set up tables outside of Hillwood, which allowed interested prospective students a chance to interact with club members.

“It was a great day to show off all of the wonderful programs and services we have to offer,” stated Jaclyn Russo, an Open House representative and Alumni board member.

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