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Food at Winnick

By Stephanie Dorfman and Jackie Slomin
LIU Post Campus Nutritionists

Do you live on campus and eat at Winnick? Do you feel satisfied when you do? The student body has voiced its opinions about the food at Winnick, some positive and some negative. We want the campus to know that your comments and concerns have been heard and we’re here to help. Our names are Jackie and Stephanie, and we’re the campus nutritionists at Post. If you’re looking for a healthy and diverse meal at Winnick, we have plenty of tips to make sure you’re satisfied.

  1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why not start your day off right at Winnick? Try scrambled eggs, potatoes, oatmeal, cereal with milk, toast with peanut butter, etc. Winnick also makes fresh omelets customized to your liking with lots of fresh veggies to choose from. For a low-fat option—ask for your pan to be sprayed with non-stick cooking spray!
  2. Students on campus are often busy and on the run.
    For those who don’t have a lot of time to wait on lines
    for food: check out the soups and salad bar offered at Winnick. All of Winnick’s soups are home made, and there are three different options every day, including
    chili and brown rice. Don’t like soup? Right around the corner is the salad bar, which is always stocked with fresh vegetables, grains, fruit, and eggs. For a twist, try some of the Asian dressings at the end of the salad bar, or the oil and vinegar.
  3. Who doesn’t love grilled chicken? Grilled chicken is offered at lunch and dinner at the grill station and can be added to almost any dish. Put it on top of your salad, in a wrap, or pair it with some brown rice and vegetables! No more grilled chicken? Walk over and pop your head in the kitchen. If there is more chicken in the back, the workers should accommodate you and grill some up.
  4. Need a grab-and-go snack? Fruit is nature’s perfect snack! Grab a piece of fresh fruit from the baskets next to the wrap station. Most of Winnick’s products are shipped fresh daily.
  5. Looking for a hot meal? Try the Home Station. All of these meals are homemade meals and there is always
    a meat, vegetable, grain, and vegetarian option. This changes daily so you will never get bored of the same alternatives. There’s usually not a long line so you can get your food fast!
  6. The vegan station always has fresh salads and healthy options: spinach, hummus and pita, roasted chickpeas, pasta salads, cut up fruits, and more.
  7. Love the wraps? Take some vegetables or other options from the salad bar and bring it to the wrap station and BAM! A personalized wrap just for you.
  8. Winnick has healthy options all around the dining hall! The yogurt served is Yoplait low-fat yogurt; the fruit is all from local deliveries; the cheese is Land-O-Lakes; the peanut butter is Skippy; the ice cream is the same kind that Dairy Queen uses; and the salad bar is stocked with fresh veggies. Have a question about anything served, just ask an employee.
  9. Worried about the lines during common hour? Don’t fret. During busy times, Winnick puts two staff members at each station to try to accommodate the influx of students. If you are still worried about the lines, just run to the home station, salad bar, or soup station. There are practically never lines!
  10. Have special dietary restrictions? Have no fear! Just ask an employee for the chef/manager of Winnick and they are happy to help accommodate your needs.

    As the Campus Nutritionists at Post, we offer free nutrition counseling. This includes tours of Winnick, meal plans, general counseling, and other nutrition concerns students may have. We
    eat at Winnick twice a day and are always on the lookout for their healthy options to share with our fellow students. To schedule a free appointment either email us at or call us at 516-299-2881.

    This article is written by the LIU Post campus nutritionists, and serves as a response to the Winnick Shortages article, published in Issue 6 of the The Pioneer. If you want to get involved in the discussion about food options on campus, email and share your thoughts.

    The Arnold S. Winnick Student Center is the main dining hall for resident students on campus
    The Arnold S. Winnick Student Center is the main dining hall for resident students on campus


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