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For Any Further Questions: “Ask LIU”

By Moa Golster
Staff Writer

On April 15, the LIU Communications and Marketing Office announced a new web feature called “Ask LIU.” The online service will provide students with quick answers to frequently asked questions, as well as new ones. When The Pioneer submitted a question to “Ask LIU,” it took 21 hours to receive an answer.

According to Dr. Jackie Nealon, Vice President for Enrollment, Campus Life, and Communications at LIU, “Ask LIU” is supposed to be located on the LIU website. Right now, however, it can only be found directly at the web address: A smartphone application or text message version of the service is not yet planned.

On Thursday, April 17, The Pioneer tried the new web feature by submitting the following question: “I would like to take the Computer Competency Exam this semester. Is it still possible to register?” The answer came 21 hours later: “Dear [name], the last competency exam for the spring term is taking place today, April 18th, and it is full and closed. The Fall exam schedule will be published on September 10.” A few days earlier, when The Pioneer tried to reach the Communications and Marketing Office with questions about “Ask LIU,” it took two days and four emails to receive any answer.

The “Ask LIU” team is prepared to answer broad questions about LIU, such as, “How to get things done, what policies and procedures are, what services we provide, [and] when activities are taking place,” Nealon said. The service will not support personal or individual questions, such as a student’s specific financial aid or schedule. “But we can definitely help students find out exactly who to contact, and even put the student in touch with the right folks,” Nealon added.

The “Ask LIU” web feature will be offered to students at the LIU Post and Brooklyn campuses. In an announcement email, LIU described the process: “Simply fill out the ‘Ask LIU’ online form, select a category that best suits your question, and type in your query. The ‘Ask LIU’ team will be happy to provide quick answers to all of your questions or concerns.”

The “Ask LIU” team is university staff that was not hired specifically for this purpose, but has been assigned the role additionally as the new web feature was created. The staff members come from all LIU campuses, and Nealon describes them as experts.

According to Nealon, the initiative for “Ask LIU” was a collaborative effort between faculty, staff, and students to help make LIU stronger, and enhance communication.

Ask LIU” is now available at

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