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Fourth-ranked Men’s Lacrosse Starting up Perfect

By Maxime Devillaz
Assistant Sports Editor

The men’s lacrosse team hosted the first ECC game of the season on the Hickox field, which is currently under construction, and drew the longest straw after an even start against Mercy College at Brookville, N.Y. on Saturday, March 1.

The field was partly protected from the cold morning breeze by the thick walls of snow that had grown high after last month’s many snowstorms.

The team came from a win in their first game of the season, and wanted to start their ECC’s on the same track. “For this season we have the same goal as every year, which is to still be playing Memorial Day weekend and take home the trophy,” said sophomore Anthony DeLuca, referring to the National Championships coming up later this spring.

Despite a bad start, the green machine managed to come back in the game, and held a 3-3 result after the first quarter. The second quarter remained even, due to great reactions from the Pioneer goalkeeper T.J.

DiCarlo, who stood for seven consecutive saves only within 15 minutes, which stopped the guests from taking advantage of their dominance.

Instead, the Pioneers knocked off the show in the third quarter by finding the net five times in a row. Thereafter, Post held their leading mark. The final score was recorded to 14-7, in which sophomore attacker Matty Beccaris became the Pioneers’ winning point-maker with his five goals and three assists.

After the game, DeLuca emphasized the importance of not taking on any opponents too easily. “We need to approach every game the same way, and we can never look past any team because of the high level of competition throughout Division II,” he said.

Next up for Head Coach John Jez and his team will be another home game: Saturday’s ECC-clash against University of the District of Columbia, on March 8. The game is scheduled for 11 a.m.

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