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Halloween festivities begin for Post students

By Grace Catanese, Staff Writer

Courtesy of Richard Sirio

Halloween is a day that many people, including college students, get to express themselves by dressing up as whatever they want. Many take different routes with their costume ideas, whether they choose to dress as something funny or clever, Halloween is a way for students to express their creativity and imaginations.

Many students also incorporate their own wardrobes into their costumes. For example, a lot of students would rather be something based on what they can put together with pieces of clothing they already own than buy a new costume from a store. Sophomore business major Gabrielle Selter likes to use her own pieces to create a costume. 

“I like putting together my own costumes because I feel like it makes it more original. And to me, it’s part of the fun of dressing up,” Selter said.

In addition, many students also enjoy taking a “do it yourself” approach with their costumes. People often go this route with their costume if they cannot find a certain costume, a specific piece that would be significant for their costume to have, or if they already own some things that they can put together to create their own version of whatever they chose to be. Making a costume can really bring out a persons’ artistic skills, and it allows them to express their artistic ability visually.

“I am making a crown for my Sylvie costume,” junior musical theatre major Hannah Winston said. “Because this costume idea came to me last-minute, I decided that making it myself would be easier, and faster, than buying it from Amazon.”

Some students like to dress up as characters from their favorite movies and TV shows. 

 “I enjoy dressing up as characters from TV shows and movies, like “Stranger Things” and “Star Wars”,” sophomore business major Lauren Ritirato said.

Because social distancing guidelines and safety restrictions have been reduced since the COVID-19 lockdown, students are excited to express themselves in what they choose to be their costumes. 

“I am really looking forward to Halloween this year because we all wanted to be cautious with COVID-19 last year, especially because the vaccine was not available yet,” Ritirato said. “My family is throwing a party where we’re going to have a costume contest.” 

Costume contests are a popular theme when it comes to Halloween parties, and this can also promote each person to want to have the best costume in order to win, making peoples’ creativity shine through even more.

Students at Post believe that Halloween is a holiday in which they have creative freedom with what they choose to dress as, and students say that it allows them to express themselves.

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