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Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Gash

By Myles Goldman
Arts & Entertainment Assistant Editor

Supplies needed:
Procoloring “Bruise” $18.32 (Amazon)
Mehron Synwax $10.56 for 1.5 oz (Amazon) Mehron coagulated blood gel $14.99 for 1o oz (Amazon) Plastic knife
Rubbing alcohol
Makeup brush
Cotton balls

First, ensure your face is clean, dry and free of lotions or oils. Take the entire jar of Synwax and place it in a bowl of warm water for about 10 minutes so the wax can soften. Apply a generous amount of Synwax to your face. Use the tweezers to remove any excess. Allow the wax to dry for about 20 minutes.

Photo by Myles Goldman

Next, pull apart some cotton balls and place them randomly on your face; make sure they’re thin. They will absorb the blood and add more depth.

As the wax dries, use a makeup brush to apply the bruise coloring. Experiment with color combinations until you achieve your desired look.

Once the wax is dried, lightly apply blood gel with the brush included, and don’t worry about putting on too much blood. While this isn’t the cheapest Halloween makeup, it’s very versatile, you can get very creative with this look and it is extremely easy.

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