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Homecoming Court Announced

Christina Lynch

“I think it would be a really nice opportunity to be recognized for a lot of the different roles that I’ve had throughout my three plus years here. I’ve been a resident assistant, an orientation leader, I’ve held a number of positions in my sorority, Delta Zeta, and I’ve held a number of jobs on campus.” “[Homecoming] is a cute little thing that is a tradition every year, and LIU is really big on tradition, so I figured why not be a part of it?”

Gabrielle Barone

“Since I’ve been a student here, I have become more involved and a bigger part of the community and I am always looking to be the voice of the people and what better way to do that than becoming homecoming queen!” “As LIU Ambassador I am always looking for ways to add annual events, organizations and service opportunities to better the community within the university. If I became homecoming queen I would also hold open forums and meetings to hear the voices of all the students so we can not just talk about but implement change.”

Ashley Rodriguez

“Throughout my entire four years here at Post I have always tried to step out of my comfort zone. I wanted to do something that I normally would never even think of. For me, running for Homecoming Queen is about representing the student body and being a part of campus life. I want to become more involved and branch out socially.” “I hope to be able to lay the foundation of a more open flow of communication between the student body and administration.”

Adam Silverstein

“I feel that this is a great opportunity, and I think it is very special that I am running for homecoming king during the first year ever that the campuses are united. Ever since I came to this school as a freshman, I’ve always done my best to bring positive change to LIU, and to help the whole school to be the most positive, supportive, caring, safe, and fun atmosphere for everyone who goes here.”

Justin Ortega

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