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How Suite It Is: Parking Restored

Jonathan Seltzer Contributor

Jonathan Seltzer

Students may have noticed the ongoing repairs taking place in the parking lot behind the Suite Complexes near Post Hall. A leak located 16-feet underground, according to William Kirker, Director of Facilities Services, is the source of the repairs.

“The work behind the suites was not necessarily a parking lot project, but it was work and repairs that needed to be made to our underground heating system,” Kirker said.

Kirker explained that the project is being worked on by fifteen people in different shifts, who are on a mission to mend the leak underneath the ground surface of the parking lot.

“The reason the fencing and barricades are still in place is because the dirt in the hole needs to settle. If we paved on top of it too soon, the dirt under the pavement will settle causing depressions that will result in rip up the new pavement and redo it,” Kirker added.

There have been two phases of this construction project since last August. The first phase, which was to dig the hole and begin the repairs, was completed in October. The second and current phase is to fill the hole and wait for everything to settle.

The construction is currently affecting four parking spaces in the second aisle of the parking lot behind the suites.

Some students are unaware of why this project is taking place. “I don’t know exactly what’s going on in the parking lot, but I do know there is construction in that general area,” said Sarah Montgomery, a junior Education major. When asked if the project inconvenienced her in any way, Montgomery replied, “I feel like it doesn’t affect too many people. It’s only four parking spaces.”

Sneha Kadakia, also a commuter, shared that she does not usually park near the suites. She added, “I didn’t know what the project is about.”

However, the repairs, which have been ongoing for nearly a year, will wrap-up soon. “We will be getting ready to pave in another few weeks to finish off the area,” Kirker said. Once the underground heat- ing system is fully restored, the parking spots will be restored.

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