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Introducing the Bowling Club

Last updated on Feb 6, 2020


The Bowling Club is the newest addition to the many clubs and activities on campus. It sets itself apart from the Division I Bowling Team because it offers a fun way for students to enjoy the sport without the stress of competition.

“We are mostly for fun,” Michael Mele, sophomore accounting major and president of the club, said. “We’re also going to try to do some tournaments, but the big thing is our weekly meetings. That will just be for fun, if you want to come and learn, anyone will teach you.”

The NCAA does not recognize mens bowling as a sport, so any male bowling teams need
to be recognized by the United States Bowling Congress in order to participate in tournaments. This limitation is what originally inspired the creation of the club.

“When I came here there was no bowling team or anything like that for the boys,” Mele
said. “We know that there is one for girls, so we founded it with the intention of giving boys a place to show their skills.”

The club hopes to become an officially recognized team in the future, but will remain a
recreational activity in the meantime.

The Bowling Club is not exclusive to male students. Anyone is welcome to join regardless of gender or skill level.

The club meets every Friday at 2.p.m. at Levittown Lanes. Students can contact Michael Mele at or follow the club on Instagram @liubowlingclub for more information.

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