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It’s Not the Same

By Nicole Sanchez, Staff Writer

Courtesy of  Itsloutual

“Come on Harry, we want to say goodnight to you,” begins the opening to Harry Styles newest single. 

Styles is back and better than ever. On March 31 at 7 p.m., Styles released a music video to his new song ‘As It Was.’ This unlocked a new era for Harry fans around the world. This is his first song in two years since the release of his last album ‘Fine Line’. It has been a long wait for new music but it was all worth it in the end. 

This new era for Styles is definitely a big change. In his previous albums, his leading singles, “Sign of the Times” and “Light’s Up” were all just singing and walking around the set, but in “As It Was”, students think that he makes a grand statement. He starts with an emotional heart-to-heart with his dance partner as if there is some conflict between them. They dance in circles as if  “Gravity is holding me back” as Styles sings in the song. Towards the end of the video Styles breaks into his own little dance routine feeling free and happy. 

“Harry looked phenomenal in his new video. His love for his music is incredible. His “ballet” dancing just shows that he’s having fun,” freshman at Hofstra University Kaylah Rivera said. “He looks like he is genuinely having fun and he looks the happiest he’s ever been. It makes me so happy to see that he’s enjoying himself and proud of all his work.” 

This is one of Styles most emotional yet powerful songs he has ever released. He sings about personal transitions with lyrics such as, “In this world it’s just us. You know it’s not the same as it was.” 

Fans are already reacting positively to the single.

 “I feel like ‘As It Was’ is going to be THE song of the summer,” freshman musical theater major Grace McNally said.

The video was filmed in London by Ukrainian director Tanu Munio.

“Directing a Harry Styles video was a bucket list dream come true for me as he’s my favorite performer, shooting him was bittersweet as it was one of the happiest days of my life, but on the second day of the shoot, my country Ukraine was invaded so you can imagine the insane emotions we had while shooting,” Munio said in a recent interview. “Me and my team from Ukraine poured so much love into this video and you can see it on screen.”

“The entire time I watched the video I felt this immense amount of love through my screen. The long hugs Harry does with his dance partner makes you feel some type of way. Just the way they connect with each other was just perfect. I can’t stop watching it,” junior at Queens College Lauren Hernandez said.

This is the first real taste we will get of Styles until May 20, when he is set to release his third studio album, “Harry’s Home.”​​ Fans have been invited to his home via this album, which will have 13 tracks with feelings of coziness. There are not a lot of details on the upcoming album, but fans are excited. 

As the album release date gets closer, Styles has been leaving clues for fans on what to expect on the record. There has been a new instagram account created called “You Are Home.” This account has been posting photos since March 19. The posts are pictures of doors opened a little to see a photo in the background. Fans have been saying each photo is a clue as to what each song is about. Some example photos are grapes, the earth, mushrooms, a drawing of a sun and a lamp. As of right now there are 12 doors opened and fans are hoping to get more.

Styles has become a master of mixing pop music with raw emotion and although  his solo career has been launched for about 5 years now, this is just the beginning for him. 

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