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Letter from the Editor

Manners in the classroom are becoming scarce; that’s why when our new Features Editor asked to cover a story on it, I immediately agreed.  Attention students: our generation is currently drowning in technology obsession.  If this were a magazine, that would make the front page.  When I see students walking on campus Smartphone in hand, head down, thumbs moving a mile a minute, I can’t help but think of that commercial that’s been on recently advertising the new search engine Bing.  Everyone acts as a human search engine until we reach an information overload.  (I always laugh at the part when the guy spits out the guacamole.) It’s an exaggeration, but the overall message is true! We are making ourselves crazy at work, at school and at home.  My mom has a new rule now: NO Blackberry’s at the table during dinner.  I cannot deny that I am not one of these students either.  Anyone that knows me at all can say I am one of those anti-multi tasking texters – basically you cannot tell me something important while I’m texting or writing emails on my phone.  I will not hear you.  There’s an imaginary wall that blocks all receiving sound waves.  Yea, it’s annoying, I know.  But when that little red light flashes or when you feel a vibration, you have to look.  It’s an addiction.  Smartphones are the new cigarettes of our generation.  So you can imagine what our professors must think when our phones have to be inches away from us at all times.  It’s really sick if you think about it.  Sometimes I would love nothing more than to chuck my Blackberry like Anne Hathaway does in The Devil Wears Prada.  But I would never… let’s get real here.

Now it’s time for a Pioneer overload!  We are 28 pages thick this issue.  Great for you, not so great for our budget.  But oh well, we are meant to enrich you with information.  The news section is stocked with what we have missed the past two weeks: job fairs, art exhibits, parking on campus and how it’s been a crazy hassle.  Our front page story is on the potholes on and off campus – what is the school doing about it?  As for our opinions section, Kahlil’s relationship column is back to back this week on the latest issues.  On-campus parties? Are they popular this semester? Where are they? One reporter has the scoop!  Oscars obsessed? Our review editor has it covered in our Loomings section this week.  And as always our sports writers have the latest on what’s going on in athletics.

Thank you for picking up the Pioneer this week.  We always appreciate feedback, questions, concerns and what we can do to cater to the student body as much as we can.  If you are interested in joining our team, contact us anytime at  And look out for our NEW CONTEST! Mad you didn’t win that Ipad? We have something better if you play.

Samantha Bishal

Editor in Chief

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