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Letter From the Editors – 11.10.10

Dear readers,

Just take a minute to sit back and relax.  Don’t be worried that it’s already past half way through the semester. There are six weeks (to the day) left of school…and that’s including Thanksgiving!  Not that we’re counting or anything, but the spring semester is slowly creeping up on us and we’re leaving the fall one behind.

It all happens so fast, Homecoming’s already come and gone, midterm he** week is done (hallelujuah!) and Halloween party days and nights have past (but are well-documented on Facebook).  Regardless of the time of year or week in the semester, let’s look at the present.  And there sure are plenty of things to view on campus this week!

In our news section, one writer informs you all about Veteran’s Week, so be sure to stop by one of the daily events being held in honor of our veterans.  A very notable and common face on campus is being featured as well this week, curious? Turn to page eight to find out who it is!

Also this week, as we promised, we have featured a sorority and this week it is Alpha Epsilon Phi.  Not to mention, we have another photo collage of what you and your friends are doing in between those hour and twenty minute periods (and by that we mean classes.)

Enjoy this week’s edition of the Pioneer and don’t forget, your comments and suggestions are always welcomed.  Be sure to email us at  HYPERLINK “”  Have a wonderful week everyone!

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