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Letter From the Editors – 11.11.17

College is a fast four years.  You move in, you let loose, find some good friends and POOF – it’s all over.  Then it’s you against the world staring into the eyes of your first employer who is probably hesitant to hire you in the first place.  Our advice? Take advantage of the time you have here at Post – study a little too hard, drink a little too much (not everyday) and become the independent person your mother truly wants you to be.

That being said, don’t be naïve either.  You should also take advantage of the amenities that surround you on a daily basis.  After we took a quick journalism trip to Washington D.C. last weekend, we found out that we have some great resources at our very fingertips…and so do you.  You know that addiction you have to social networking?  Well, use it.  A top reporter from Politico Magazine expressed to us learning journalism students that Facebook and Twitter are on the rise and can thoroughly help us network ourselves for future career opportunities.  That is why one of our staff writers offers some research and advice of her own on tweeting and the social networking phenomenon.

We are also featuring International Student Week this issue!  One reporter catches us up on the events that will be taking place all week long.  To wrap up the news for this week, our News Editor touches into some controversial politics that may have affected the recent midterm elections.  We have a large features section this week, as our Features Editor let’s us in on some ways to fight off those winter blues.  And as promised, we have another Greek Life profile piece in the features section as well.  Also, check out the latest in sports!

Last week, our contest winner, Melissa Bencosme, was awarded an IPAD. We would like to take this time to thank the Dean of Visual and Performing Arts Benjamin Moore and Director of Student Life and Leadership Development Alerie Tirsch for graciously donating our prize.  Please look out for brand new Holiday Giveaway contest! Fliers are posted all over campus.

And as always, keep on reading!  Have any comments?  Email us please,

Samantha Bishal & Kayla Krause


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