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LIU Field Hockey Selling Blankets

By Theresa Morrissey, Staff Writer

Colder weather on campus means that items like blankets are a must. The Long Island University Field Hockey team is selling blankets available for purchase. The blankets are $60 each and found  on their Instagram page @liufieldhockey. 

Field Hockey Head Coach Raenee Savin says that she got the inspiration for the blankets from a recruiting trip a few years ago. “I was recruiting at a high school field hockey playoff game in late November, and as I stood there freezing, all the fans in the stands were wrapped in their warm blankets, all matching and supporting their team,” she said. “Right after that, I placed our first order! It was perfect timing, as our field hockey team played into December for the NCAA finals.” 

This is not the first year the blankets have been for sale and the blankets have evolved with the school. “We started selling these blankets in the C.W. Post Pioneers generation of LIU. Sales continued as we kept the green and gold,” Coach Savin said. 

Coach Savin is confident the tradition of these blanket sales throughout the colder months of the year have been a success. “Still now, as we transitioned to the blue and gold, LIU Sharks blankets are keeping fans warm in the stands,”she said. “Eight years later, we continue to sell,and get excited with each sale, knowing that our customers are always happy with their purchase!”

While @liufieldhockey recently posted about the blankets, Savin says that anyone can buy the blankets at any time. “There is no end date. We just had a surge in blanket sales and placed another order, but we always have them available for purchase,” she said. 

Additionally, anyone can buy these blankets with shipping or pickup.“For a small additional fee, we are able to ship your blanket.  We also provide contactless pickup on campus,” Savin said. 

Savin encourages everyone to buy a blanket for their practicality and ties to campus. “These blankets are meant for everyone, not just sports fanatics! I keep one on my car and one on my couch. I use it when I travel,” she said  “These blankets wash easily, are super comfortable and are a great way to show off your Shark spirit, great for incoming freshmen or graduating seniors, a blanket in the dorm or even for an alum as a reminder of your years at LIU,”

You can email or to purchase. 

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