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LIU Post Website Overhauled Again

Julian Wilson

The official home page for LIU was, at the beginning of the fall semester, changed again. Why is the home page different now? What do these changes in design mean, and how will LIU students respond in exchange to these new changes?

Changes to the new website include a new interface, where students can browse the home page, and look at the new carousel that depicts images of LIU Post, including various headlines like,  “Career Connections,” “Where You Want To Be,” and “Powerhouse Professors.”

Jackie Nealon, chief of staff and vice president for enrollment, campus life, and communications, provided various reasons regarding the abrupt changes to the LIU website. She stated, “The technology that drives web design has changed dramatically since the current LIU site was launched in 2009. What was cutting edge four years ago seems old-fashioned today.”

Nealon continued, “In order to best serve our students and most effectively tell the LIU story, it is critical that we refine our digital presence.” Students, however, are divided about the new website, and its appeal to the eye.

Some students liked to see the new home page in action. Sophomore Computer Science major Ketan Parmar, welcomed the new website design with open arms. However, he heard that the LIU home page is just the beginning of these updates. Parmar stated, “I hear that it’s still being updated, but from what I see now, it’s looking really good.”

Farhaan Niaz, a senior Broadcasting major, was optimistic as well. Niaz stated, “It’s different in a way, and it looks better than before.” Niaz, like Parmar, is pointing his eyes ahead, to see what else will be in store, regarding the website in progress.

However, other LIU Post students were not as positive. Angelique Vito, a sophomore Management major, labeled the new website as “odd,” when asked about the new design. She stated, “I was confused about where everything was.” She continued, “All 5 schools on the same home page was really confusing.” Unlike Parmar, and Niaz, Vito instead found the minor changes, a little “weird,” a first glance.

Nealon emphasized, “We aim to enhance the site’s functionality, make it easier to navigate, update the look and feel, and increase its integration with social media.” She stated, “Changes to the website are being made in phases. Some interim design solutions were implemented in time for the start of classes, new admissions pages will go live shortly, and a full redesign of the entire site will follow in the coming months.”

Will students become accustomed to the new website? Well for right now, one thing is for sure. It is safe to say that the new LIU website is certainly attracting students’ thoughts, eyes, and minds. Students can expect more changes to the website, in the next couple months.

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