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LIU Posts About Social Distancing on Instagram

By Sam Uebel, Staff Writer

The instagram account @liupost began creating and sharing posts to promote social distancing and wearing masks two weeks after classes began 

The Instagramposts remind students to follow social distancing guidelines, frequently wash their hands, wear masks in public spaces, and to take the COVID-19 self check daily. Other posts show photos of students, like junior finance major and resident assistant Orion Nokes, wearing Long Island University Sharks masks. On each photo it reads “As members of our community we pledge to respect ourselves. Respect each other. Respect shark nation.” The caption on each photo also reads “Fins Up, Mask Up” next to a shark emoji. 

Although the instagram posts are a good reminder of the school’s coronavirus policy on campus, Nokes believe they might not remind students to actually follow the guidelines the way the posts intended. 

“It’s been so long in quarantine,” Nokes said. “A lot of people have already made their decisions on how much they want to care about wearing their masks.”  

Sophomore psychology major Savannah Fowler says she has witnessed students’ decisions firsthand at her on campus job as a Starbucks barista. “Lots of people don’t cover their nose,” she said. In order to properly wear a mask to protect against the spread of COVID-19, both the nose and mouth must be covered at all times. 

Despite these Instagram reminders, some students are concerned about the overall safety of the classrooms. Senior film major Jason Harris is completing this semester remotely because of his concerns. His major worries include a lack of social distancing and not disinfecting classrooms in between classes. 

While professors are expected to enforce social distance guidelines in their own classrooms, rooms like the one pictured above, may not have the space capable for social distancing, or the classes may have too many students to properly stay six feet apart.

“Posting about social distancing, but not actually following it, comes off as fake,” senior journalism major James Bonner said. “It endangers people who have business there.” 

As of Oct. 4, there are two reported positive cases of the coronavirus on the Post campus and three reported cases on the Brooklyn campus. 

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