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LIU’s next generation of fashion

By Lila Nolan, Staff Writer

Post’s fashion merchandising club has returned this fall semester with the goal of creating a space for students that love fashion to share their insight on upcoming trends, as well as run and attend fashion-related events. 

There are no requirements for joining the club, and the meetings are on Thursdays during common hour in the basement of the library.

“The fashion merchandising club is always welcoming new members,” senior fashion merchandising major and co-president of the club, Ashley Modaferri, said. “The goal of our club is to really put out that fashion is for everyone and not just for those who are in the fashion merchandising major. Overall, the club is all about bringing together people who love fashion in one space, to really share our love through the work we do.” 

The club has been on campus for almost a decade, and prides itself on promoting individuality and self-expression for students on campus.

“Our club and its meetings are all about sharing our passion for fashion with other students, our campus, and its community,” senior fashion merchandising major and co-president, Ashley Forestal, said. “We want the student body at LIU to see not only how but to actually have the opportunity to express their creativity through their fashion. Fashion is so much more than what clothes you are wearing. It’s a form of self expression.” 

Forestal also talked about the upcoming spring fashion show that the club runs. 

“We have huge plans for our Annual Fashion Show coming up this Spring 2023,” she said. “This is going to be a campus wide event that you do not want to miss. An amazing representation of clothing, an after party with raffles, shopping, refreshments and a DJ.” 

Forestal also noted that there is a sneak peak of the fashion show theme on the club Instagram. 

Junior fashion merchandising major Alyssa Dacosta recommends any student that is interested in participating in the fashion show to join the club now. 

“If you love fashion, marketing or production, I highly recommend joining our club. A lot of work goes into putting on our show, and it is always a good time and such a rewarding experience to put together a big annual fashion show like we do.” 

Follow the fashion merchandising club on Instagram @liufashionmerchandisingclub for more information about the fashion show and other club events.

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