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Long-Distance Relationships. Are They Worth It?

By Joshua Sutphen
Staff Writer

Some say distance means so little when someone means so much. Long-distance relationships have appeared through history time and time again. With the start of online dating websites, and easier means of communication, the trend of dating someone from a distance has risen a great deal. Though there are many benefits to long-distance relationships, there are also many drawbacks to it as well.

International student Kristiane Aateigen from Norway has been in a long-distance relationship for over a year. By Kristiane Aateigen

Maxine Lake, freshmen and undecided major, had a serious long- distance relationship with a guy who lived hours away in Massachusetts while she lived in New York. “The good thing about having a long- distance relationship is that you have enough space to be with your friends and family, while also being in a committed relationship,” said Lake.

Lake also explained that it’s very hard to build a physical relationship and connection with someone you do not see very often. They are not currently dating and still live in the same places. Couples can video chat, instead of talking on the phone or text, in order to help keep the physical attraction to one another steady.

Jacquie Diogo, freshman Art major, who has dealt with a partner living in New Jersey while she lived in New York, said, “The good thing about being in a long-distance relationship is that you learn to have really good communication and trust skills.”

Diogo explains the bad thing about this type of relationship is it is hard to keep the connection going sometimes with not a lot of physical contact. They are no longer in a relationship due to communication and distance. Communication skills are a necessity, but physical contact is also needed for a strong connection according to Diogo.

This type of relationship would be good for people who are workaholics, busy parents, or introverted people. Long-distance relationships definitely require more effort to sustain. Some believe being apart draws you closer to your current partner, but some believe the separation develops insecurities in the relationship, which can bring both partners down.

Jealousy may also develop due to distance from someone for a long period of time because one may become jealous of who the other is with and curious as to what the other one is doing in a certain place.

Hypothetically, if your significant other is going to dinner, a concert, or a game, they are probably going without you and most likely with other friends. It may feel kind of like rejection when your partner is out having fun, while you are home alone. However, this does not mean you should not enjoy the time you, as a couple, have together. Being in
a long-distance relationship is for people who can handle long periods of separation and mostly video chatting and texting. People who cannot deal with this kind of relationship should stick to relationships that require both of them to be reasonably close to each other.

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