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Looking For Some Part Time Work?

Kathleen Joyce

Congratulations! You’re in college, you’re getting decent grades, and you even have a few good friends already. You want to go out and have some fun, but mom and dad are already taking out loans for your college tuition, so do you really think they’re going to give you money to go out?

Think again, you’re on your own. So the next step is getting a part-time job near your school.

LIU-Post offers a work-study program for those who dorm and want to earn some extra income. The work-study jobs will be designed around your major so you’re doing something you are interested in.

For example, some broadcasting students work at WCWP, the college radio station. Here you learn how to be on live radio, write for radio, and meet other students who are also interested in broadcasting all while getting paid. Some students are residence advisors. At Post, if you are an RA you will get free boarding. Sometimes the work is difficult, but it’s a good thing to add to your resume. It shows you are responsible and trustworthy.

Maybe you want a new change of scenery and you want to get off campus. No worries, try being a barista at Starbucks. Many baristas make from minimum wage to up to $13 per hour depending on experience, including tips. Working at a local supermarket might be a great option as well. The hours are flexible, you’ll get to work with people your own age, and there will always be something to do. The starting pay can be above minimum wage.

Working in the hospitality business is another cliché college job. That’s what I did throughout college, waitressing at a corporate restaurant.  Sometimes it feels like a curse working there, but then again I made some wonderful friends, met great people, and made a good amount of money. Yes, the hours are long, but I was able to work part time, go to school full time, and even have some sort of social life. Many restaurants are willing to work with your schedule because the hours to work are strange and many restaurants have large staffs as it is.

Paid internships are a great way to make money while working on something you like to do. Looking for internships that pay is more difficult, but looking on the Internet or asking your advisor could help guide you in the right direction.

Working at the mall is another great way to get your foot in. I had a friend who worked at Abercrombie and Fitch in high school, stayed with it in college, and then was promoted to assistant manager while in college. She got benefits and made a decent salary all while going to school.

These are just a few of the great jobs that are available in the area. Find one that is good for you and make some friends. You never know, getting a small job could point you in the direction you want to go in life.

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