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March is Women’s History Month

By Ella Barrington, Staff Writer

A lot of months throughout the year celebrate many different things and people. February celebrates Black history, June celebrates those that are a part of the LGBTQ+ community, and this month of March, we celebrate women’s contributions towards history. 

Women’s History Week was established in Santa Rosa, California from March 2 through March 8 in 1980. In 1987, the U.S. Congress permanently declared March as National Women’s History Month. It is also celebrated in the United Kingdom and Australia. International Women’s Day is celebrated everywhere throughout the world on March 8. 

Every year, March is given a theme to celebrate and this year, the theme is “Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.” Often, women are given stereotypes and are expected to be accomodating and this theme is to show awareness for the women that are overworked with caretaking duties and are in need of relief. 

Junior film editing major Kathryn Stahl believes that it is necessary to have a special month to celebrate and honor women.

“Women do a lot and are often underappreciated and overlooked. This month is a way to show that women are just as important and can do just as much as men,” Stahl said. 

Senior film major Sofia Coppola wants to dedicate this month to her mother, as she is a significant woman in her life.

“The most influential woman I know would probably be my mom. My mom is such a beautiful and strong woman. She has taught me such important values, and to always have respect for myself and others. She instilled how important family and traditions are,” Coppola said.

This month is not only dedicated to celebrating women, but also being thankful for what women have done for society. 

“I am so proud to call her my mom and I hope to be half the woman she is one day,” Coppola said.

Some women celebrate the women that are around them today and others celebrate the powerful women from our history. Sophomore international relations major Lauren Miller opens up about who she believes is the most influential woman in her life.

“I think that Rosa Parks may be one of the most influential and important women in our history because of how powerful she was in a time when women were not allowed to have power. She didn’t move for man or no one else because she knew she was an equal and stood up for what she believed in,” Miller said.

Women’s History Month means celebrating women’s accomplishments and empowering women. Many students at Post use this time to celebrate the women in their lives.

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