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Margaret Natalie Retires After 24 Years

Kyesia Williams
Staff Writer

It was 1989 and LIU Post, formerly known as C.W. Post was going 25 years strong. A woman who was looking for a change in pace sought a position. She already had 10 years experience from working at Adelphi University as the Director of Purchasing, but she was ready for something new.

At that time, the college only offered three residential campuses. “It provided me the space and opportunity I needed to do the job,” she recalled. “It was exactly what I needed.”

Margaret Natalie joined LIU Post as the Director of Sourcing Services, a position that gave her the opportunity to provide school vendors for the faculty and students. Top vendor listings included Xerox, Office Depot and P.C. Richard & Son.

As a member of the Purchasing Department, she was responsible for making sure that the school had the necessary supplies to function. When students and staff of the school were in need of certain items for their departments, it went through her. The Purchasing Department is the ‘middle man’ of school supply imports.

Twenty-four years later, Natalie’s decision to join LIU Post changed the direction of the school. In her time at LIU, she has contributed to several of the school’s conveniences.

She was involved in supplying the Xerox contract to the school, allowing students and staff members to have access to copying machines on campus.

Natalie was also responsible for condensing student needs onto the LIU ID card. Prior to that, students were given multiple cards with different uses. One was used for entry to the school and another was used for meals. Her new system provided convenience to students and cut down the numbers of cards lost each year.

Her involvement included suggesting green rooftops, which promote plant life for buildings on the campus. When a building has a green roof, the roof of the building is partially or completely covered with vegetation and a growing medium. Natalie pitched the idea in order to help LIU Post move forward in becoming a ‘green school.’

“The school was constantly adding new things to its list and I was excited to be a part of that,” said Natalie.

Natalie predicts that in the future the school should expect to become more technology-based. By the end of this academic year, staff will be able to use LIU Buy, an electronic market that will allow staff members to order Office Depot Supplies online. Natalie was also involved in this project.

However, her retirement won’t allow her to experience it. Natalie is ready for another change. “I want to travel,” she laughs. “It’s just time.”

Natalie was employed at LIU for 24 years. Her sons started their careers after graduating from LIU Post. Her career blossomed here and her legacy will be left here.

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