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Matty Goldstein

By Dylan Valic

Matthew (Matty) Goldstein is a criminal justice major, the former vice president of the Be-The Change Club, and the 2018 homecoming king.

(Dylan Valic)

Some of Goldstein’s favorite memories at Post include attending sports games and events on campus, being involved in the Be The Change Club, and having fun with

Goldstein was elected homecoming king in the fall, something that meant a lot to him. “Being the last homecoming king of the Pioneers is a big deal, especially since we are not going to have the Pioneers come fall 2019,” he said. “So this was a really big, historic moment for me. It was a proud accomplishment of my career here at LIU Post.” The homecoming kings get’s to represent the school at certain events, such as Founders Day.

After graduation, Goldstein wants to try to combine his criminal justice knowledge with his social media knowledge to get a job working with social media for different law enforcement agencies. “I’m trying to go into more of the social media/entertainment industry. I have a very big following on social media such as Snapchat, Instagram, what have you. I really love social media, I love media production, I love that stuff.” He also plans to be an advocate for others in his day to day life, and make sure they get the help they need. “I really plan on helping others, being an advocate for when people need help, and make sure everyone gets the proper resources they need.” Other possible careers Goldstein would like to purpose are becoming a lawyer or a police officer.

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