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Meet the 2019 Homecoming King & Queen

By Dylan Valic

Features Editor

Adam Silverstein and Gabrielle Barone were named this year’s Homecoming King and Queen at the 2019 Homecoming game on Saturday, Oct. 19. Students cast their votes over the course of two days from Oct. 14 to Oct. 16. Other candidates included Christina Lynch and Ashley Rodriguez for queen, and Justin Ortega for king.

Silverstein, a senior social work major, hopes he can use his position to create a positive environment for students on campus. “I want to use my status as Homecoming King to continue my goal of being a positive leader and role model,” he said. “Just being that kind of symbol for positivity and community [is] embodying what it means to be a shark.”

Silverstein is currently attempting to create his own organization dedicated to “help[ing] communities and other organizations develop a positive, inclusive, accepting climate where everyone knows that they’re cared about.” His dream is to make that organization internationally recognized and have it operate worldwide.

Silverstein’s advice to students is to “just go for it” and make the most of their college years. “Make sure you are doing everything you want to do, that you take every opportunity that comes to you and make the most of your college career and your life.”

Barone, a senior psychology major, hopes to listen to student opinions about the future of the university. “I would love to do a meeting, or a forum, or even just send out a quiz to see what people are feeling, what they feel needs to be addressed,” she said. “I have that position and I have that voice and what good would it be if I’m not using it to its fullest potential?”

Barone, a member of Alpha Epsilon Phi, also wants to stay involved with Greek Life after graduating. “I’m currently applying to be a traveling educational consultant for my sorority,” she said. “You travel around the country for a year helping different chapters, whether it’s with advising, or if a new chapter is starting up, and helping the organization as a whole.”

Barone’s advice to underclassmen looking to succeed is to get involved with activities on campus. “Just get involved, [even] if it’s some-thing [as] small as going to a club meeting once a week,” she said. “Just stick your toe in the door, move forward and commit yourself to something because you never know where it will take you.”

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