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Model UN Club joins Post Campus

Last updated on Nov 14, 2020

By Sophie Quiñones, Staff Writer

The Model United Nations (UN) club, led by President Abigail Bossa, is in the process of reactivation. According to Bossa, the club was last active in 2016 and has just recently been revived. On Oct. 23 the club held their first meeting and are hoping to officially be recognized as an on-campus club later this November.

“Model United Nations is a club that stimulates the actual United Nations,” Bossa said. “Students represent delegates of different countries and debate political issues and international relations. In the end, everyone comes together to write a resolution solving the problem at hand.”

The Model UN club was originally disbanded due to low-activity but President Bossa and Vice President Sibani Polce are ready to change that. Model UN is prepared to hold bi-weekly meetings, Model UN workshops and more to the campus community according to Polce. 

“Anyone who is interested in joining the Model UN club should know that while we will strive to emulate the real United Nations, we are also here to support our fellow Sharks in any way possible, whether that is through public speaking workshops, current events debates, or something else we want people who are passionate about the world we live to be able to have a forum to discuss them,” Polce said. 

Model UN is actively accepting new members. Students interested in joining the club can follow their Instagram @liumodelun to stay up to date with their meetings and events.

“My favorite part of this club is the friendships and relationships that are made. Debating and attending conferences together really build bonds and allows us to form unforgettable memories,” Bossa said. “Due to COVID, we have not been able to travel and will be attending virtual competitions. However, traveling with the club is something that I am really looking forward to and hope that we can do soon.”

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