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More Mayhem and More Fun: Borderlands 3

By Dylan Valic

Staff Writer

Video game studio Gearbox announced the long awaited latest entry in the Borderland series, “Borderlands 3” on March 28. It has been seven years since “Borderlands 2” originally re-leased, and fans have been desperate for more.

“Borderlands” is an open world shooter game where players explore the post apocalyptic world of Pandora and fight the monsters that inhabit it. The series is known for it’s off the wall humor, something rare in the genre that it resides in.

“Borderlands 3” picked up right where its predecessor left off and with up to four players to adventure in the world of Pandora together. Gearbox released one trailer of the game so far, and in terms of style and game play, it looks similar to previous entries. The game hosts a few improvements, such as new abilities and more than one billion guns to use.

Many gamers on campus are excited for “Borderlands 3.” Michael Khan, a senior digital game design major, is looking forward to the chance to try new guns, including a gun that can run around on it’s own legs. “The game looks amazing, even though it still has the cell shaded look from the originals, it looks a lot more HD and polished,” Khan said.

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