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Morgan Kashinsky

By Samantha Cavanagh

Morgan Kashinsky is eager to see what her future holds after graduation. Kashinsky is a criminal justice major with a deep love for politics, and she has part of the student government since last spring. She is also the senior class president. “My heart is in it for bettering society and making the country a better place,” Kashinsky said. She transferred from George Washington University in spring 2017.

(courtesy of Morgan Kashinsky)

One of Kashinsky’s favorite memories during her time at Post is when she interviewed former congressperson Steve Israel on his book, “Big Guns” in front of an audience of about 40 people. For Kashinsky, it was great to get this kind of hands-on experience. Another favorite memory is when she met Joe Biden who she really admires for his advocacy of women’s rights.

Kashinsky helped restart the College Democrats in October 2017. “I really just wanted to help the students because I felt like student voices weren’t being heard, but I feel like this year student government has worked really hard to make sure that student voices are heard, and I think we’re building a great relationship with the administration,” Kashinsky said.

Kashinsky’s advisor, Luke Connors, has helped her a tremendous amount and she is extremely thankful for him. “Luke went beyond just helping me sign up for classes; he’d even give me professional contacts within the field of politics, she said. She is also extremely thankful for all of the great professors she’s had who really want to get to know and help their students.

Kashinsky plans to work for a year after graduation in the political field, while she applies to law schools. She hopes to be accepted to NYU.

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