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Nassau Hall Hosts Costume Contest

By Zach Taber, Staff Writer

On Thursday, Oct. 29, Nassau Hall hosted a virtual costume contest for its residents. Contestants were competing to win gift card prizes and enjoy the spirit of Halloween.

The event was hosted by resident assistant (RA) Francesco Diflora, who has been working hard to keep his resident’s spirits high in spite of the global pandemic. “The most challenging thing about maintaining morale is the fact that a lot of residents are coming and going because of  quarantining and online classes,” Diflora said. “It has created a real funk in the hall due to the lack of people.”

Still, events like the Halloween costume contest have managed to keep residents engaged and entertained in Nassau Hall. 

“I truly love the RAs and the group of students we have here. We find ways to make every day feel like an adventure,” musical theatre major and resident of Nassau Hall Thomas Rowell said. Rowell was also a participant in the Halloween costume contest.

“My girlfriend and I dressed as WALL-E and EVE from ‘WALL-E.’ We got the inspiration from scrolling through Disney Plus,” said Rowell. 

With residents dressed up in their various costumes, RA Francesco acted as host of the virtual event.

“So I acted as host but not judge, the winners were decided by a vote from the residents. The people got who the people wanted” said Diflora. 

The winners of the contest were students Sloan Huber and Cassidy Lennick, who dressed as RA Francesco and RA Julian, which proved to be an absolute hit. “One of the residents dressed up as me, and it was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. She even got my mannerisms” said Diflora.

Even students who didn’t get first place still had fun during the virtual event.

“I loved all the different costumes and the creativity. It shows that we all have our own parts of us and it was great to show that off,” Rowell said.

With the costume contest over with, students and residence hall staff are now looking forward to whatever events the rest of the semester might have to offer. “There are always events in the making,” Diflora said. “One that I am very excited to be starting up soon is a campus-wide scavenger hunt.”

Nassau Hall’s residents are just as excited to be participating in all upcoming events. 

“I always suggest for my friends to come if they can. All the RAs are working hard to help us find some sense of normalcy in our COVID world,” Rowell said.

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