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New Career Bar

By Julian Wilson
Assistant Opinions Editor

Whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, having somewhere to go and relax can help serve as a way to relieve stress and frustration. But having a quiet place to focus on school work can be just as beneficial.

The Career Bar is located next to the LIU Promise offices. Photo: Janisha Sanford
The Career Bar is located next to the LIU Promise offices.
Photo: Janisha Sanford

On the second floor of Hillwood Commons, next to the LIU Promise office, is the Career Bar, a new lab where students can come in to relax and work on their assignments.

The space, formerly used as the Recreational Room, is now a place where students can occupy one of five computers, and also print out their work when completed.

Nick Morgasen, a senior Electronic Media major, thinks that the new Career Bar really isn’t serving its purpose, as “it’s just another computer lab.”

Cara Frank, a senior broadcasting major, is confused to why the school is bringing back a computer lab after taking away the one that was available in Hillwood before the making of Browse. “Why add a computer lab when you already had one? What’s the point?”

Instead, Frank had hopes to make it more comfortable for commuters. “Even if it’s a couch, or a comfortable chair, it’s good to make a person feel comfortable, and the Career Bar needs more of that,” Frank said.

Morgasen believes that the career counselors using the Career Bar could use the student vision as a way of improving the project.

Personally, I think that the Career Bar is a little unnecessary. On one hand, it feels good to have a computer lab in Hillwood again. But the computer lab (CSI) that was formerly in Hillwood, should not have been removed. It served as a center for students to work on their assignments and was organized in its efforts.

think the Career Bar is an attempt to create that same atmosphere, but it falls short of its goal. Although I feel this way, I hope to see more additions to it in the future.

Is this Career Bar a good way to attract Post students, or is it missing something? Let us know your thoughts, comments or suggestions at:

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