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New Psychology Club On Campus

By Alyssa Spagna, Staff Writer

A new club is forming on campus and they are looking for members. A group of students have started the Psychology club, and anyone, even professors, are encouraged to join.

Shayla Harris, a senior psychology major, has been engaged in the club from the beginning and plans to run for club president. She has been involved in planning, as well as working with Promise to ensure they would be a recognized club schoolwide.  

“We have not had any meetings yet, but we just got back our poll of good meeting times, and after we review it together we will create a schedule,” Harris said.

Harris and her peers are very excited to begin this new club, which will discuss many aspects of psychology.

“The club will discuss anything related to psychology. So far, we have ideas about possibly doing Zoom movie nights, possibly some research that may interest students, discussing research we’ve done, or interesting things we’ve learned about, and meeting to help each other with psychology or statistics homework,” Harris said.

In addition to Harris’ excitement, her peers Ganga Pradeep, a junior psychology major, and Nicole Guzman, a senior psychology major, share this feeling with her as well.

“Psychology benefits everyone from different perspectives. We all have different backgrounds and different ideas because of them, so it would make for wonderful conversation, if nothing else,” Pradeep said. “We are all human and we will work with other people in any setting, at work, when out shopping, etcetera. All people are fascinating, and psychology is applicable to everyone in their respective fields and everyday life.” 

Guzman agrees that anyone should join the club, because psychology is relevant in anyone’s everyday life.

“I would suggest anybody join the club, not just students,” she said. “Other professors can have their inputs in as well and faculty members can feel more than welcome to come by to see what’s in store for them.” 

If any students or faculty are interested in joining, they can fill out the interest form, in which they can provide their email and best method for contacting them.

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